the pain in the words of, “Just go win the game.”

Yesterday, there was an accident that happened during the collegiate basketball game between Louisville and Duke. Kevin Ware broke his leg and a gruesome injury occurred. The bone in his legs snapped and protruded out his skin when he fell near their bench. The coach and his team all saw the horrendous injury and frightened all into tears. His team shed tears of pain for Kevin Ware, for he showed excruciating pain as he laid hurt on the basketball court. It was the most frightening picture, and even myself, seeing through television could feel his pain. What is so overwhelming about this injury was the words of Kevin Ware as he was injured, he did not cry out for the pain, but used his breath to gasp the three words, “Just go win the game.”

Nothing is more heartfelt in those words since when Kevin Ware is in pain, he did not think of his pain as his first thought. He was so dedicated to the game that even his words was to boost the emotional situation of the team. He knew that the team was sympathetic and hurt from his injury, but he did not want to affect the teams physical and emotional state. His words of motivation and encouragement made the viewers and his team feel his undefeated and unaffected dedication to basketball. As a true fan of basketball, I am so sympathetic yet inspired of his tenacity. A good team player is one that is not just dedicated but is considerate of the team at all times.Basketball is a sport that relies heavily on teamwork, and though one is injured, it shouldn’t stop the team from moving forward. Kevin Ware depicted the leadership qualities of a team player, one that is devoted to the victory of his team and puts it above his excruciating pain. The team eventually pulled through this situation and won the game with Kevin’s words in mind.

I think it is very inspiring to see a team that is so close to each other, for tears were shed. Kevin Ware’s words given me the understanding of leadership because leadership is putting others in front of yourself. Knowing what is important to you and the situation, and how to improve the affect on others during a group work. Kevin Ware could have screamed out his pain, but instead, he used his few breath to encourage his teammates to recover from this emotional turbulence during the game. I have been in a few serious injuries due to basketball, and i know the pain that one could have. Therefore, I have understood the concept of leadership skills that appear in different aspects of life and how leadership skills can be seen through not just education, but sports and other daily routines.


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