A leader preaches, a good leader leads, a great leader breaks the tradition

A few days ago, I have seen a news on the Washington post on a recent news with the new appointed Catholic Church Pope, Pope Francis. I have never been really updated with news, however, this news made me feel touched to see the future of the Catholic religion under this humble Pope Francis. It is so inspiring to see that the future Catholic Pope, one that is usually very conservative, has shown his future leadership as a leader that breaks tradition! Nothing can be more heartwarming than to see that this religious leader has shown the character of a new revolutionized leader for the future of the Catholic Church. Even though i am not Catholic, I am so overwhelmed with the news because it has always been thought that the Catholic religion was conservative, and through Pope Francis gesture of love and respect, he paved his way and the way for the catholic church to be a good and grateful one.

Pope Francis was recently appointed as the Pope of the Catholic Church. There was a Mass held in Rome on March 28th, 2013 and it was Holy Thursday therefore a traditional ritual was held. The foot-washing tradition was held and usually it is the washing of the feet of 12 men. This tradition was “a symbol, it is a sign — washing your feet means I am at your service,” the Pope Francis said to the 12 people he washed. The foot-washing tradition is a symbol of Jesus washing the feet of his 12 disciples on the day of his crucifixion. Therfore, this ritual is a very spiritual one, and in the past, the past popes has washed priests, or just men. However, not Pope Francis.

Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of 12 women, ranging from “black feet, white feet, and even feet with tattoos.” The ritual was held not in the usual place, but in the juvenile detention center where those 12 women were juvenile inmates. This ritual surprised all of the people because Pope Francis had the courage and love to change tradition, because he had a different vision for the Catholic Church.


His gesture inspired people from all over the world. As a religious leader of a conservative religion, he has shown that his leadership will be a different one. I have so much respect for Pope Francis, because he not only broke the traditions, but also attacked on the issues of women in religion. It is surprising for people because women were not usually allowed in this ritual, and Pope Francis did not care.

A great leader is one that does not need to follow the tradition to let them know what is right and wrong. A great leader like Pope Francis knows that in this generation, a Pope that embraces love to all, is helpful not to just the Catholic society, but all people. I have never been close to knowledge on the news of Catholic religion, however, this news gave me so much respect for their religion now. I think Pope Francis is an example of a great leader today, though he is just a ordinary Pope, for he has no generation number after his name (Pope Francis) it means he is not the descendent of another. He is an ordinary man, who believes not to stand upon his people but with the people. Unlike previous popes, he dressed down, payed his own hotel, and flied coach during travels. His leadership reveals his humble character, and a leader whom is humble, can spread his humble thoughts and character into the people. The people need a leader that does not stand above them, but with them.

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 1.35.58 AM

The actual news is the link below: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2013/03/28/pope-frances-washes-feet/2028595/


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