Well said, Steve Jobs.

Everybody knows who Steve Jobs is. He is that guy that is rumored to have a close of the same outfit, and invented the iPhone. I am not going to praise on how successful Steve Jobs is in bringing the iPhone into our culture today because the iPhone is merely the product of a great leader. However, it is the leader that brought the iPhone into our society, and his influence to the society is so great that it has become embedded into our societal culture. He was able to influence the world with one product, therefore, he definitely understood the people and how to be innovative. He lead the company of Apple from ruins to the zenith of electronics, therefore, his leadership is definitely inspirational.

I have read the biography by Steve Jobs. However, i have never listened to Steve Jobs talk about anything other than the iPhone or iPad. Therefore, I realized it is time to understand Steve Jobs and hear what he has to say about his success and how he pulled through his trials and tribulations. From the video, he talked about 2 major factors that was crucial to success. He represented his strength as a leader through the firm tone of his voice and the definite feel of the words he expressed through the video.

He brought up 2 major points to success: 1) passion 2) being a talent scout

Jobs expressed the need for passion because life is a tough road. If you have the passion for it, you will have perseverance. He believed that leaders that are successful are those that loved what they do. The people who don’t love what they do have more tendency to quit because they are sane. The second point he believed is that people should have their eyes open and be a talent scout, someone who knows who’s talented. Being a talent scout means is being fast at determining who is talent and who is your team. He brings up the idea of teamwork as a key to leadership because, in order to be a leader, you have to know who to work with. He said that in order to make a company that will sustain itself, you have to find great people and suitable teammates.

I agree with jobs that perseverance is key because i believe everything will workout for everybody as long as they are hardworking. I strongly think that success is open to people that are open to a lot of paths. If you preserve through thick and thin, a lot of doors will close and some will open. Maybe not everybody will be great leaders, but everybody is a leader of themselves. I think leadership is not just crucial to being the one to lead the people, but also to lead yourself. It is similar to the saying, how can you take care of others, when you cannot take care of yourself. I believe that leadership is a skill that is developed not just through simply through understanding concepts of what is a good leader, but also with experience. Similar to what this video does, Steve Job tells us 2 points to success, however, not all can attain success just by these 2 points. Though we know it takes passion and being a talent scout, however, knowing a concept is different from doing it and having experience it. I am inspired by this video, by Steve Job’s words but inspiration can only but put into action when one really have the incentive to improve and experience. I have the motivation to be a better leader, because in the future i will be the head of a family company.

Steve Jobs has given me the ingredients to success, but it takes the skills of a cook to create a delicious dish.



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