Bosses are so bossy!

It is understanding to analyze the boss and employee relationship today. There is a reason why media portrays something in a certain way. It must be because it is a general or common depiction that is why it has been mocked in media. Why are leaders or bosses in a company depicted as mean, condescending, unfriendly people. The question is, do people really associate the idea of a boss with a sense of fear, and clear line between them? Why is it that pop culture and media depict bosses as bossy people!

Did the word “bossy,” derived from the relevance and description of typical “bosses.”

I can name numerous movies that depict bosses as terrible, manipulative and insensitive creatives. Why is it that media portrays bosses this way? I recently watched a movie called ,”Horrible Bosses,” and it is a comedy that depicts 3 terrible bosses of 3 good people. Nick has been working in a company for numerous years and has always been the first one to get to work and the last to leave. His boss, Dave, is a sarcastic, manipulative, horrible boss that picks on Nick on being 1 minute late to work. The boss poured a full glass of whisky at 7:00am and forces Nick to drink it, and then accuses Nick of being drunk and alcoholic. Nick has so much hatred for his boss that he made the decision to murder his boss. This depiction of hatred between the boss and employee relationship shows that there is a problem and stereotype risen between these two relationships. It is not uncommon to hear, see or experience the discourse between boss and employee, therefore, this movie has become a joke/comedy that enhances this stereotype of bad boss and employee relationship.

Now that we have noticed this problem in media, how can we improve the boss and employee relationship? There must be a problem that causes employees to fear the bosses, therefore the question is, what is the right way to be a boss? What is a good boss? What type of leadership is seen in a good boss and bad one?

There must be a problem with bosses and their leadership skills because it has caused a definite problem that is seen through not just media but the common fear of all. If a boss is nice, heartwarming to his employees, it might have good affect on the employees. However, it might depict the boss’s leadership as a weak one. However, when the bosses are condescending and strict, it will cause a bad relationship with employees. Which leadership strategy better? I think that leadership strategies is very complicated because it has numerous ties with how the company works. Leaders should know how to guide and lead their employees. Knowing that fear enhances the power and control of the boss, it creates more tension in the company. I think that bosses today have a distorted image because leadership strategy within a company is not an easy choice between being nice or mean. I think that this stereotype not only raise a lot of questions about the working culture today, but also how leaders today show their leadership skills, and apparently, through media, it is not a good one.


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