Mao and his influence

Everybody knows who Mao ZeDong is, even Andy Warhol. Warhol’s print with Mao reveals the amount of importance and fame of Chinese Communist leader. Though this print is censored in China, it shouldn’t be! I think to believe that this print by Andy Warhol reveals a lot about Mao ZeDong’s success as a leader for China and its fame and how it has spread to the eyes and minds of pop culture as well. It is interesting to analyze pop culture and the different icons that appear in Andy Warhol’s painting because Warhol does not simply choose a random icon to print. Knowing his Andy Warhol’s print could cost up to 100 million dollars, there must be a sense of value in his work and the icons he has chosen. Therefore, Mao is definitely a leader that is crucial to the Chinese, though had dispute with other countries, an icon is an icon.

Mao Ze Dong is the political reformists that altered China into a Communist state. Under his leadership, he is able to lead the people of China through trial and tribulations. Without touching into politics, Mao definitely is a leader that the people of China looked up to and loved. His ability to control China, with China’s great population, he is able to spread his teachings of communism throughout. Having been to China last summer, I realized that the people of China worshipped him and his success and time as leader. Therefore, this reveals about leadership and there are numerous types of leadership. With the history background of liberalism, conservatism, socialism, communism, all types of political views and authority are respected. Therefore, it is interesting to understand that each country has different cultures, therefore leadership ways are different as well. Comparing leaders in China to America, it reveals that leadership differs in different cultures.

Mao’s leadership in China definitely was influential because it has lead China to a great place until today. China being almost one of the top leading and advanced countries of the world, Mao was definitely the leader that made that happen. This reveals that leaders all have different leadership perspectives, that is why there are opposing leaders. However, you can determine a good leader from a bad one, by looking at the people and the reaction of the people. Therefore, with Andy Warhol’s painting, it shows that mao’s leadership has been spread to pop culture, therefore stating his importance to history of not just politics, but also art. It is interesting to analyze leadership by digging deeper into our lives and how leadership affects us in unexpected ways, even in pop culture.



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