Animation Movies and Leadership

There is a reason why children are encouraged to watch animation movies. Pixar, disney movies all have something in common, and it is the moral lessons and messages it spreads. As a movie that is given to children to watch and frenzy over, it must be carefully thought and planned as an educational lesson. Since children absorb the things that see and feel like a sponge, it is definitely a careful task when you give a children a movie to watch or a book to read. The movie/book must be carefully designed to fit to the children’s learning and inspires in a positive way. We cannot give a small child a movie of the realities of life where there are random killings of young teenagers if they don’t come home early because it can affect their sense of security and confidence. As a result, animation movies have child-driven plots that intends to inspire, teach and guide children in the right direction of positivity and leadership skills. Since most animation movies has the basic protagonist and antagonist, it teaches children the dichotomy in life, where you can either be good, or bad. This choice is clearly distinguished with the portrayal of characters in animation movies, therefore it doesn’t confuse children about the qualities they should look up to. From the movies that I have most in-depth analysis of is Toy Story.

The Triology of Toy Story reflect the important lessons in life in simplified and truncated version that fits people of all ages. Toy Story is one of those movies that children and adults both enjoy because the lessons that the toy story faces are those that all people can learn from. It is the depiction of the simplified real life problems in a form of animation. I think that society has different ways of teaching people leadership qualities. Through education, books, media, news all has different ways to impact the thinking of people of what is a good leader, and what is not a good leader, similar to the idea of the protagonist and the antagonist. Media has its ways to mold peoples thinkings, and animation is that small part that molds the minds of children. Therefore, when children grows up from watching animation movies, they will learn and understand the basic qualities of a good person/good leader and the bad person/bad leader. The society is structured in a way that utilizes media to spread its teachings, with animation movies, it teaches and influences a big mass of people of the qualities.

Toy story has numerous examples of what exemplifies a good leader. Though Woody is not a space character with powers, he is just a typical cowboy, he can be just as great a leader without the powers. It reveals the ordinary are extraordinary as well. It is very interesting to analyze the movie because every scene reveals the leadership qualities of Woody. With his ability to convince a group of toys reveals his persuasion and confidence as a leader. His ultimate goal of “getting back to Andy” shows his determination for a goal. His jealousy towards Buzz reveals that Woody is just an ordinary toy, he is not perfect and he does not always resemble the perfect leader. His ability to convince other toys to input their strengths to fight their way back to Andy shows that a leader knows how to guide his team, and use everybody’s strengths as a part of their goal. Woody organizes regular meetings with the rest of the toys to make sure that everybody is on the same page. All of the plot within Toy Story reveals the qualities of a leader, and it teaches children to understand the basics of leadership.

Toy Story is so influential to children today because it is a story that strengthens the thinking of children. It intends to reveal and inspire the leadership qualities in each individual. Every toy in the movie has a strong quality and speciality. Therefore, it strongly suggests that the individual qualities are crucial in a team. A good team is when everyone knows their input as a whole, and is able to communicate with each other. I think Woody and Buzz also reveals the consensus of both being leaders. The fact that they get along and became great friends, it shows that there can be more than 1 leader.  Everybody can be a leader and work together, as long as they have the same goals. I think this heartwarming movie really is a great influence to children and to adults as well. It constantly reminds me of the important qualities that we should have on a daily basis, and these basic leadership qualities can be applied to our daily lives. If someone is not a leader, it doesn’t mean they are a follower. I don’t think that there is a fine line that distinguishes one to the other. This movie definitely teaches us more than we know, though it is an animation movie. Never underestimate the power of animation movies, because those that are least unexpected, are the most influential.



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