Well said, Steve Jobs.

Everybody knows who Steve Jobs is. He is that guy that is rumored to have a close of the same outfit, and invented the iPhone. I am not going to praise on how successful Steve Jobs is in bringing the iPhone into our culture today because the iPhone is merely the product of a great leader. However, it is the leader that brought the iPhone into our society, and his influence to the society is so great that it has become embedded into our societal culture. He was able to influence the world with one product, therefore, he definitely understood the people and how to be innovative. He lead the company of Apple from ruins to the zenith of electronics, therefore, his leadership is definitely inspirational.

I have read the biography by Steve Jobs. However, i have never listened to Steve Jobs talk about anything other than the iPhone or iPad. Therefore, I realized it is time to understand Steve Jobs and hear what he has to say about his success and how he pulled through his trials and tribulations. From the video, he talked about 2 major factors that was crucial to success. He represented his strength as a leader through the firm tone of his voice and the definite feel of the words he expressed through the video.

He brought up 2 major points to success: 1) passion 2) being a talent scout

Jobs expressed the need for passion because life is a tough road. If you have the passion for it, you will have perseverance. He believed that leaders that are successful are those that loved what they do. The people who don’t love what they do have more tendency to quit because they are sane. The second point he believed is that people should have their eyes open and be a talent scout, someone who knows who’s talented. Being a talent scout means is being fast at determining who is talent and who is your team. He brings up the idea of teamwork as a key to leadership because, in order to be a leader, you have to know who to work with. He said that in order to make a company that will sustain itself, you have to find great people and suitable teammates.

I agree with jobs that perseverance is key because i believe everything will workout for everybody as long as they are hardworking. I strongly think that success is open to people that are open to a lot of paths. If you preserve through thick and thin, a lot of doors will close and some will open. Maybe not everybody will be great leaders, but everybody is a leader of themselves. I think leadership is not just crucial to being the one to lead the people, but also to lead yourself. It is similar to the saying, how can you take care of others, when you cannot take care of yourself. I believe that leadership is a skill that is developed not just through simply through understanding concepts of what is a good leader, but also with experience. Similar to what this video does, Steve Job tells us 2 points to success, however, not all can attain success just by these 2 points. Though we know it takes passion and being a talent scout, however, knowing a concept is different from doing it and having experience it. I am inspired by this video, by Steve Job’s words but inspiration can only but put into action when one really have the incentive to improve and experience. I have the motivation to be a better leader, because in the future i will be the head of a family company.

Steve Jobs has given me the ingredients to success, but it takes the skills of a cook to create a delicious dish.




Gandi and his leadership has been marked as one of the most influential leaders of history. Why is a leader from India so influential to the people? His leadership has stood beside Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Dalai Lama, Al Gore, etc. Gandhi is influential because he used love and honesty to lead the people of India. This reminds me to the quote by Lao Tzu,

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”

A good leader is one that doesn’t distinguish themselves from others. Gandhi was definitely did not put himself above others, for he dressed in the simplistic clothing and lived just as frugal as others in India. Just by looking at him in this picture, you can barely distinguish Gandhi with his people because he was just as common as others. Therefore, people followed him because he was an ordinary man that believed that he could free India from the British Empire. His success with his leadership was that he had a clear goal, and used a non-violent approach to free the people of India.

I think from Gandhi, we can analyze that a good leader isn’t one that tells the people how to fight the war, but one that fights the war with the people.

Gandhi once said ,” You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

He took the step of being the one to change the future of India. He did not need others to tell him what to do. When you know something should be done, do it. A leader doesn’t need the approval another, but a leader is one that makes the rules. His leadership was simply humanistic and heartwarming. His leadership was loved by his people and appreciated by the people around the world because it is true that a man with a heart, can lead the people with love.


Bosses are so bossy!

It is understanding to analyze the boss and employee relationship today. There is a reason why media portrays something in a certain way. It must be because it is a general or common depiction that is why it has been mocked in media. Why are leaders or bosses in a company depicted as mean, condescending, unfriendly people. The question is, do people really associate the idea of a boss with a sense of fear, and clear line between them? Why is it that pop culture and media depict bosses as bossy people!

Did the word “bossy,” derived from the relevance and description of typical “bosses.”

I can name numerous movies that depict bosses as terrible, manipulative and insensitive creatives. Why is it that media portrays bosses this way? I recently watched a movie called ,”Horrible Bosses,” and it is a comedy that depicts 3 terrible bosses of 3 good people. Nick has been working in a company for numerous years and has always been the first one to get to work and the last to leave. His boss, Dave, is a sarcastic, manipulative, horrible boss that picks on Nick on being 1 minute late to work. The boss poured a full glass of whisky at 7:00am and forces Nick to drink it, and then accuses Nick of being drunk and alcoholic. Nick has so much hatred for his boss that he made the decision to murder his boss. This depiction of hatred between the boss and employee relationship shows that there is a problem and stereotype risen between these two relationships. It is not uncommon to hear, see or experience the discourse between boss and employee, therefore, this movie has become a joke/comedy that enhances this stereotype of bad boss and employee relationship.

Now that we have noticed this problem in media, how can we improve the boss and employee relationship? There must be a problem that causes employees to fear the bosses, therefore the question is, what is the right way to be a boss? What is a good boss? What type of leadership is seen in a good boss and bad one?

There must be a problem with bosses and their leadership skills because it has caused a definite problem that is seen through not just media but the common fear of all. If a boss is nice, heartwarming to his employees, it might have good affect on the employees. However, it might depict the boss’s leadership as a weak one. However, when the bosses are condescending and strict, it will cause a bad relationship with employees. Which leadership strategy better? I think that leadership strategies is very complicated because it has numerous ties with how the company works. Leaders should know how to guide and lead their employees. Knowing that fear enhances the power and control of the boss, it creates more tension in the company. I think that bosses today have a distorted image because leadership strategy within a company is not an easy choice between being nice or mean. I think that this stereotype not only raise a lot of questions about the working culture today, but also how leaders today show their leadership skills, and apparently, through media, it is not a good one.

Mao and his influence

Everybody knows who Mao ZeDong is, even Andy Warhol. Warhol’s print with Mao reveals the amount of importance and fame of Chinese Communist leader. Though this print is censored in China, it shouldn’t be! I think to believe that this print by Andy Warhol reveals a lot about Mao ZeDong’s success as a leader for China and its fame and how it has spread to the eyes and minds of pop culture as well. It is interesting to analyze pop culture and the different icons that appear in Andy Warhol’s painting because Warhol does not simply choose a random icon to print. Knowing his Andy Warhol’s print could cost up to 100 million dollars, there must be a sense of value in his work and the icons he has chosen. Therefore, Mao is definitely a leader that is crucial to the Chinese, though had dispute with other countries, an icon is an icon.

Mao Ze Dong is the political reformists that altered China into a Communist state. Under his leadership, he is able to lead the people of China through trial and tribulations. Without touching into politics, Mao definitely is a leader that the people of China looked up to and loved. His ability to control China, with China’s great population, he is able to spread his teachings of communism throughout. Having been to China last summer, I realized that the people of China worshipped him and his success and time as leader. Therefore, this reveals about leadership and there are numerous types of leadership. With the history background of liberalism, conservatism, socialism, communism, all types of political views and authority are respected. Therefore, it is interesting to understand that each country has different cultures, therefore leadership ways are different as well. Comparing leaders in China to America, it reveals that leadership differs in different cultures.

Mao’s leadership in China definitely was influential because it has lead China to a great place until today. China being almost one of the top leading and advanced countries of the world, Mao was definitely the leader that made that happen. This reveals that leaders all have different leadership perspectives, that is why there are opposing leaders. However, you can determine a good leader from a bad one, by looking at the people and the reaction of the people. Therefore, with Andy Warhol’s painting, it shows that mao’s leadership has been spread to pop culture, therefore stating his importance to history of not just politics, but also art. It is interesting to analyze leadership by digging deeper into our lives and how leadership affects us in unexpected ways, even in pop culture.


Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People” Analysis

There is always a different interpretation when you have a different factor in mind. When I was thinking of leadership related issues, it never occurred to me that through the interpretation of famous art, the history and the leadership qualities of leaders are depicted. I’m not much of an art historian, however, it is hard to not know the painting by Eugene Delacroix called “Liberty Leading the People.” It is painted in the 1830s with the art movement of Romanticism. The painting is a depiction of the French Revolution and the overcoming success of the French Government by the people. This painting was painted as a Revolution propaganda poster that intended to show the determination and victory of the fighters against the government, and it included people from different working classes. This painting intends to inspire the idea of hope and leadership of the people that fought in the French Revolution.

In the painting, the Parisians are fighting with the woman leading them with the French flag. The woman is the allegorical representation of Liberty. The Parisians in this picture is lead by the concept of a leader, the leader to liberty. With it depicted as a woman with her clothes ripped, it showed that their road to liberty is a tough one. The dead soldiers and people that the woman is stepping on, shows their overcoming of obstacles. Those that died in the fight also paved their way to their victory. The concept of leadership is reflected through the hierarchy of this painting. The people, the child with the gun, the worker, the man in the top hat all followed the Liberty (woman). No matter what working class, people all followed the leader. Though in history, the people were lead by idea of freedom, and this concept is transferred into a physical being. Therefore, it shows that people need a leader to lead them, but also the same purpose. It is the concept of freedom that lead the people, and this concept can also serve as a leader because it brought out the leadership qualities in each individuals. The child with the gun is depicted as strong and powerful, standing by liberty, a child is just as important as the man in the top hat. I think that each person painted in painting all shows the sense of leadership, their determination and power. The man in the top hat, holding the rifle with a serious face. Therefore, this picture reveals more than just the victory of the people because it revealed the leadership qualities and concepts.

It is very interesting to decode this picture when having the concept of “leadership” in mind. There is a pyramidal organization of this painting with liberty woman at the top and the rest below her. This pyramid organization reveals more like an hierarchy, but an hierarchy that shows that people follow a leader at top. At the same time, the leader in this painting is a woman representing liberty, as a result, it shows that the people were all equal. They followed a concept and the people were all part of this battle for liberty. This brings me to the concept that a great leader is one that does not put them in front of others, but a part of them. I think this painting is very interesting because it unravels a lot of concepts of leadership. Though it is not direct, however, it infers to the concept of leadership that dates back in history of the French Revolution.

This painting is also very interesting because Delacroix stated that he painted this painting because if he couldn’t fight with the others in the actual war, his duty was to fight with his painting. His concept suggests the  concept of leadership and that everyone should act as a part of the battle and everybody’s input is just as important and effective. His painting is a painting that represents more than 1000 words, but the concepts that cannot be described with words but only felt.

Animation Movies and Leadership

There is a reason why children are encouraged to watch animation movies. Pixar, disney movies all have something in common, and it is the moral lessons and messages it spreads. As a movie that is given to children to watch and frenzy over, it must be carefully thought and planned as an educational lesson. Since children absorb the things that see and feel like a sponge, it is definitely a careful task when you give a children a movie to watch or a book to read. The movie/book must be carefully designed to fit to the children’s learning and inspires in a positive way. We cannot give a small child a movie of the realities of life where there are random killings of young teenagers if they don’t come home early because it can affect their sense of security and confidence. As a result, animation movies have child-driven plots that intends to inspire, teach and guide children in the right direction of positivity and leadership skills. Since most animation movies has the basic protagonist and antagonist, it teaches children the dichotomy in life, where you can either be good, or bad. This choice is clearly distinguished with the portrayal of characters in animation movies, therefore it doesn’t confuse children about the qualities they should look up to. From the movies that I have most in-depth analysis of is Toy Story.

The Triology of Toy Story reflect the important lessons in life in simplified and truncated version that fits people of all ages. Toy Story is one of those movies that children and adults both enjoy because the lessons that the toy story faces are those that all people can learn from. It is the depiction of the simplified real life problems in a form of animation. I think that society has different ways of teaching people leadership qualities. Through education, books, media, news all has different ways to impact the thinking of people of what is a good leader, and what is not a good leader, similar to the idea of the protagonist and the antagonist. Media has its ways to mold peoples thinkings, and animation is that small part that molds the minds of children. Therefore, when children grows up from watching animation movies, they will learn and understand the basic qualities of a good person/good leader and the bad person/bad leader. The society is structured in a way that utilizes media to spread its teachings, with animation movies, it teaches and influences a big mass of people of the qualities.

Toy story has numerous examples of what exemplifies a good leader. Though Woody is not a space character with powers, he is just a typical cowboy, he can be just as great a leader without the powers. It reveals the ordinary are extraordinary as well. It is very interesting to analyze the movie because every scene reveals the leadership qualities of Woody. With his ability to convince a group of toys reveals his persuasion and confidence as a leader. His ultimate goal of “getting back to Andy” shows his determination for a goal. His jealousy towards Buzz reveals that Woody is just an ordinary toy, he is not perfect and he does not always resemble the perfect leader. His ability to convince other toys to input their strengths to fight their way back to Andy shows that a leader knows how to guide his team, and use everybody’s strengths as a part of their goal. Woody organizes regular meetings with the rest of the toys to make sure that everybody is on the same page. All of the plot within Toy Story reveals the qualities of a leader, and it teaches children to understand the basics of leadership.

Toy Story is so influential to children today because it is a story that strengthens the thinking of children. It intends to reveal and inspire the leadership qualities in each individual. Every toy in the movie has a strong quality and speciality. Therefore, it strongly suggests that the individual qualities are crucial in a team. A good team is when everyone knows their input as a whole, and is able to communicate with each other. I think Woody and Buzz also reveals the consensus of both being leaders. The fact that they get along and became great friends, it shows that there can be more than 1 leader.  Everybody can be a leader and work together, as long as they have the same goals. I think this heartwarming movie really is a great influence to children and to adults as well. It constantly reminds me of the important qualities that we should have on a daily basis, and these basic leadership qualities can be applied to our daily lives. If someone is not a leader, it doesn’t mean they are a follower. I don’t think that there is a fine line that distinguishes one to the other. This movie definitely teaches us more than we know, though it is an animation movie. Never underestimate the power of animation movies, because those that are least unexpected, are the most influential.