Too Much Choices is Not Exactly a Good Thing

If I was a girl, I would go crazy if I saw Forever 21. Not in a good way. I think that store really did not take into consideration the consumer behavior that choices should be limited. There is a reason why some clothes brands have selected styles for different seasons and only the current season clothing’s are on the racks in the stores. There is a reason why a specific style of t-shirts are only sold in a few colors. There is also a reason why some restaurants have a limited menu for that month or season. There is a reason to everything.

People like choices. This is a known fact. We like customization of mass produced products. We like to buy iPod in our favorite color. We like to purchase our converse in red. We like choices because it gives us the ability to show our individual identity. However, it is human nature that too much freedom is not necessarily a good thing. It sounds contradictory. People always wanted freedom to choice, speech, etc, however it is true that when we have too much freedom, things happen. Lets say, people’s freedom of speech causes riots, boycotts. There are numerous things that could go wrong with too much freedom and choice. Bringing this theory into application of consumer behavior, I could extract that consumer behavior is also heavily impacted by the excess of freedom.

Forever 21 is the most popular retail store for teenagers today that carries the newest styles for a reasonable price. Since their clothing are priced at an affordable range, their customers are always never-ending. However, there is one thing that I don’t like about that store and it is the fact that it is so packed with clothes. I walked into the store in New York City with my girlfriend and we both stood there gazing at the rushing crowds of girls. It is absolute chaotic in that store and I have never felt the space so compacted with people. Though I know girls love that store because there are so many varieties and styles that you can choose from but the choices are infinite! My girlfriend could not lay her eyes on any specific piece of clothing because there were too many choices. This inspired me to write this post on how choices affect consumer behavior and by examining her consumer behavior, it brought out a really interesting point.

There are too many choices that it causes consumers to be extremely confused. Consumers have troubles picking out what they like because there are too many choices and maybe those choices are rather similar, making decisions very difficult. I think one of the individual qualities also affect consumer behavior as well. To a person who can’t make a decision, forever 21 would be the worst place to shop at. Unlike shopping at a place with limited styles and changes every season, it is perfect for those consumers that like the limited choices. Consumer behavior is strongly affected by first impression and I think I stressed this fact numerous times in my posts. I think consumer’s first impression on the clothes unconsciously gives them the decision whether they like it or not. If the forever 21 store does not have a main focus in the store, consumers have troubles with first impressions and might just leave without any purchases. When i say main focus, i mean more like a concentration. Like a painting for example, if a painting does not have a main concentration of character that grabs the viewers attention, then the painting failed to engage the viewers within the few seconds they have layer their eyes on it. I think this goes the same for stores. Forever 21 does not have a main focus when I walk in. There are just piles of clothes and different styles of clothes lying everywhere. I think consumers constantly feel the need to know where to start, and forever 21 really doesn’t consider much about the flow of the store. The flow of the store affects consumer behavior as well because it takes the consumers through an intended path that lets them see all the choices of the store. However, forever 21 and its infinite choices really creates the ultimate confusion to people, especially me. I think forever 21 is a popular retail store today so they should put into more consideration the consumer behavior and how their store really does not take into account of that matter.


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