What’s Your Favorite Color?

I never really had a favorite color so this post is going to be my curiosity on people’s favorite colors. I have a friend who loves purple, when I say purple, it could mean any shade of purple, they love it all. I never had this feeling towards any specific color because I usually go for a simple shade of grey or black when it comse to clothing or accessories etc. However, there are people who really have a specific color they like and that color could really mess with their consumer behavior when buying products. So that “purple craze” friend of mine would buy anything that is purple, even things that she doesn’t usually use or want when it isn’t purple. Apparently, color heavily influence the possibility of a consumer buying a product in the color they like, or even the possibility of a consumer buying a product they didn’t want before but do now. My friend doesnt usually wear G-Shock watches, she has more of a conservative plain style. However, after seeing that this brand of watch came out with a purple one, she decided to buy it. I asked her, ” Do you like it because its purple? Or do you like it because of the watch itself?” She couldn’t answer me, she only smiled and purchased the watch. It is amazing to see how colors do affect consumer behavior in the most surprising way. I think color choices gives consumer the ability to have a deeper connection with a product. Lets say you are at Target and you see a vase. You might not have any feelings at all when you see it at first glance. However, if it is purple, the color you are crazy about, you would notice it, and take into deeper consideration whether to comment on it or even give it a second chance in buying it.

This is just my theory. However, I do strongly believe personal qualities and favorites do affect consumer behavior. This is one reason why I think when Apple came out with the mini ipods and ipod nanos, they used a set of colors that are most common to be peoples favorite color and made them unique. People were crazy about the ipods because you could get it in the color that you like! Customization is definitely an issue that is discussed all the time when it comes to customer behavior. As a result, I strongly think that during the process of a consumer viewing a product to buying a product, a lot of thinking in the mind is going on. Ever since the first impression at a glance to considering buying a product, a lot of thought processes and connections are made between the consumer and the product that enhances their possbility of purchasing it. Consumers behave in a certain manner, and i think if people could pick out the certain qualities of their thought process, one could really better understand consumer behavior.


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