Starbucks routine

Starbucks is a coffee shop that everybody knows, 9 people out of 10 knows what Starbucks Coffee is. There are various types of customers that goes to Starbucks. There are those that go there once in a while to chat and try new coffee and those who goes there on a regular day to day basis. Whether those loyal customers choose to take their coffee on the go and in a hurry or choses to relax and enjoy their coffee, Starbucks captured the hearts of a lot of people. Those people who goes to Starbucks daily sure shows the consumer behavior of routine that shows the successfulness of Starbucks as a coffee shop. Coffee shops are meant to provide coffee that gives people some time to relax or feel satisfied through a long day of work. As a result, those people that goes to Starbucks everyday at a certain time, shows the integration of Starbucks within the lifestyles of people. Starbucks become a part of their life that it feels necessary and even dependent.

The main goal of Starbucks as a coffee shop is rather different from other famous coffee shops such as Peet’s Coffee in West Coast or even Greyhouse, on campus. Starbucks Coffee does not strive for the same type of environment and customers as Greyhouse mainly because Starbucks is a commercial coffee shop that is more like a fast-food restaurant and chain stores. The coffee that Starbucks serve is different as well because they serve the same coffee throughout all the chain stores and their coffee beans are from the same provider. It’s entire coffee shop characteristics are different from Greyhouse, which makes coffees more personal compared to a fast-paced corporate coffeeshop. The interiors of both types of coffeeshop also differ as well if you take a close look at the differences. The Starbucks at the Union only has a few tables and chairs lying around with one or two sofas. The furniture that Starbucks choose are not meant to be for comfortable sitting so the furnitures are hard wood and the sofas are not meant for relaxation or long-term sitting. However, the furniture at greyhouse including the tables, sofas, you could tell that Greyhouse is meant for customers to sit and relax there. As a result, analyzing the interior design of the coffee shops, it is inevitable that consumers behave through the environmental hints the store gives customers. If the coffee shops have comfortable table, it is most likely consumers are going to sit down and actually enjoy that cup of coffee. However, if you place a hard wood chair with a small table in a noisy coffee shop, customers are most likely not to sit down and relax there. The cozy ambiance along with the smell of coffee beans are all little things that coffee shops use to make customers chose to stay and read a book while enjoying their coffee. I think consumer behavior is heavily affected by the environment and what the environment hints consumers to act and think. The interior designs definitely put thought into designing a coffee shop because in order for consumers to behave in a certain manner, people must lay out the foundation for them to do so.

I think Starbucks as a national corporate coffee shop is very successful because they really captured the hearts of people. Those people who goes to starbucks everyday shows that Starbucks became more like a routine. By doing so, Starbucks is making a lot of money through these loyal customers. Loyalty is one of the main values that keep the business at a steady pace. If these customers continue to trust Starbucks, it is most likely Starbucks will always have customers. When a coffee everyday becomes a routine, one could really spend a lot of money on just simply coffee. However, it is a routine, just like brushing one’s teeth or eating breakfast, it is hard to change. There is a friend of mine that buys a cup of Starbucks everyday, and I asked them if they feel like drinking it everyday. She replied, “I dont think, I just get one.” So basically, I do feel like when this behavior of getting coffee becomes a routine, you stop thinking about if you actually want to drink one. Consumer behavior heavily relies on loyalty and sometimes maybe routine. Consumers no longer behave rationally when it comes to coffee, for coffee could mean more than just a cup of coffee, but more, a part of their lifestyle. I think by analyzing Starbucks and their customers, one could really understand consumer behavior at another level.


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