Everybody loves IKEA

I love IKEA for many reasons and not just because of the Swedish meatballs that they serve in the food court. Ikea is one of the best furniture company that provides people with the neweset designs and innovations for furniture / interior designs. I went to IKEA this weekend to buy some furniture with some friends and I really felt compelled to write this post on IKEA. I think IKEA is very popular and well-known because the designers and marketing group really put into thought the affordability of their products. When consumers who want to buy designed products or furniture, they would expect to buy an unique designer bar stool for about $500-1000+. Designer products and furniture are definitely not affordable and reasonable to most people. Like they say, designed products and brand names are priced for the 1% of the population that can afford luxurious items. IKEA really targeted the population because they made sure their prices are within the affordable range of the 99% that is ignored.

IKEA gives the 99% of the population the ability to own designed furnitures and this really captured the loyalty of consumers to buy from IKEA. Consumers buy from companies they trust and knows what they want. I think a lot of brands or companies design for the people without asking the people what they really need. However, IKEA knows exactly what the consumer needs and would pay for. As a result, IKEA is properous today because of their strategy of solving the real problem that people have when purchasing furnitures. IKEA furniture also allows people to do-it-yourself, mainly because it would make transporting furniture a lot easier. If a table for example, is easily assembled, it means it could be easily disassembled. When a product is designed so that it bring convenience to the user, the product becomes functional at the utmost level. If a designer table that costs $1000 could not be disassembled and is heavy, it creates more problems for the users. As a result, IKEA really put into thought the idea of convenience for their consumers as well.

Another thing that IKEA really puts into consideration of their furnitures would be the choices. IKEA makes sure the consumers have their own choices, so their individual tastes does not get lost. IKEA keeps the design of the furnitures simple so customers can mix and match their furnitures. Their catalogue makes sure there are various styles in furnitures and interior designs so it covers the taste of most people. This idea of customization within a mass produced products shows the broadened range of customers that buys from IKEA. Everything in IKEA are designed to give customers the ability to customize and modify for own purposes. Similiar to the shelving unit I purchased at IKEA, it gives the ability to change it into any orientation ( vertical, horizontal, diagonal) that I want, I could also mix and match different colors etc. There are blogs online that discusses different possibilities one can change and modify their IKEA furniture. This shows that IKEA is really sucessful in designing for the people. Consumers knows when a company is aware of what they want, just like IKEA.


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