Coupons don’t really save you any money

You would always think that coupons are almost like the best thing ever. The feeling of when you purchase something a price lower than it usually is is amazing. You feel as though you have saved some money and it is your gain that you have bought this product. I really don’t think that that’s the case after the experience I had with subway. In purdue, they give out coupons for various places, including subway. Theres a coupon saying “free 2 cookies” and I thought that I could get 2 free cookies just by a purchased of any sub, however that’s not the case. I don’t want to buy a 1 foot long sandwich because I can’t finish the whole sandwich, therefore, i would buy just a 6 inch, however, you have to purchase a large drink that goes with the sandwich in order to get the free cookies. I didn’t want a drink, especially not a large one, but I thought using the coupon could really save the money. However, it turns out, it did not save me any money, instead, it cost me even more money. The worst thing is, I spent money on something I didn’t really want. I think coupons automatically gives consumers the feeling as if they are saving money, but I think analyzing the consumer behavior gives us a better insight into the actual mistakes we make.

There are a lot of coupons you could find in the newspaper, magazines and online, however, I really think that coupons sometimes makes consumer buy things that are unnecessary. Because you think that you save money by using the coupons, you suddenly feel the urge to buy the product. In terms of consumer behavior, people are most likely to use coupons if they have a chance to save money. I think it is the idea of “saving money” that makes you want to “waste money.” Maybe you never thought of buying that item, but once you see the coupon, you buy the product. The consumer’s mind is easily affected various external factors. Coupons are advertisements for stores that makes people want to go to their store. It is a marketing strategy that never fails until today. Unfortunately, it is hard to change the minds of consumer behavior, however, after my experience, i will never use coupons because it seems like a good deal. Its funny how consumers learn only after they make a mistake and experience it for themselves.



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