Ebay Dilemma

Recently, my girlfriend has purchased a handbag on ebay and came across some problems that lead me to think about ebay as a business. Basically, she has purhcased a handbag and constantly think that she has been tricked that the bag is not authentic, rather, a fake. However, paid for the price of an authentic, she debates and doubts continuously about the possibility of being tricked on ebay. Ebay has been a business that is extremely popular for a long time where people can buy products for a discounted price by bidding. However, there are so many frauds that trick people’s money and cause a lot of problems on Ebay that leads people to not trust Ebay as a business. There are so many types of frauds that could happen on Ebay that it is rather fascinating to see how many people try to earn money from frauds. A lot of people sell unauthentic products but list the items as authentic. Some misreport some condition issues and tricks the consumer entirely on what they wrote for what they really are. Other frauds can go about the process of purchasing an item, some problems could be stealing products and reporting them as lost in shipping. Various types of frauds could happen and it really struck me as a consumer that Ebay is not a safe place to purchase items.

I think Ebay failed in the fact that it allowed its consumers to hurt their company brand and trust. I know that ebay is great because it gives consumer a space in the retail market to sell their own things, however, when a company gives too much freedom to the people, there will always be people who misuse this power. I am really disappointed with ebay because I think that ebay tries to prevent these frauds, but these frauds really is human nature of people that can’t be stopped, but only minorly prevented. I think after realizing all the  different types of frauds that could happen, it heavily hurts the consumer behavior and this does not just goes for me. I know that ebay’s trust to consumers are not credible and it has become a fact that hurts ebay greatly. People hold back in buying on ebay because they know or heard of the possibilities of being tricked. My girlfriend, for example, she purchased a handbag, but feels doubtful about its authenticity. These dilemmas are not worth the lowered price. You might as well purchase an authentic item from either the actual store or a famous retail store, so there won’t be any possibility that could lead consumers to doubt its true value. It is understandable that consumer behavior has a strong impact on their trust and what they’ve heard from others. Other people’s opinions have a great effect on a person’s consumer behavior. If their friend has been tricked on ebay, they are most likely not to buy from ebay. As a result, I really think consumers already lost the credibility of that company and it is very obvious that consumers do not trust ebay as a honest company. There are so many various forums that test the authenticity of various items that are listed on ebay. This just shows not only the failure but also the lack of protection ebay provides to their customers, leading the consumers to create an impression that will always be permanent.


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