‘Chevy Runs Deep’ for real

I saw a commercial today on TV about Chevrolet and it really inspired me to think about advertisements and how people perceive them. I think that advertisements and commercials are meaningful in the fact that they require a lot more thought to it than you really think. We might think that advertisements are easy to make, all you have to do is write something big and catchy it can be a successful one. However, it is harder to catch peoples attention today and even harder to make these internal messages stick to consumer’s minds. I am not in advertisement major, but I discussed this commercial with a friend of mine who is in advertisement major, and they told me the difficulty in bringing something fresh to the table.

The commercial that I saw was Chevy’s 2012 commercial and basically it was about how Chevrolet has been making cars for Americans dating back since 1911. The commercial talks about the whole process in which when General Motors started Chevrolet and throughout time, Chevy has always been the company to provide Americans with transportation. Providing Americans with cars until today, Americans experience the American life through driving their cars. In the commercial, it showed a lot of different lifestyles of Americans at different places such as families in the suburbs, on the mountains, in the snow, on the beach to show that Chevrolet has been the ultimate car that brings families together. The conveyed message definitely is defining American lifestyle with Chevrolet and how Chevrolet has been the company that carried Americans to the future.

When I view this commercial, though I did not grow up in the States, however, I know that Chevrolet is a car company that most Americans trust. This trust can definitely be emphasized through the commercial and that commercial really brought out the American spirit that is deep within Americans. I think this commercial really thinks about consumer behavior and digging deep into the American’s trust for Chevrolet and utilizes this trust to inspire them to buy only their cars. I think once people trust a brand, they will stay loyal to the brand for a long time unless they lost faith in the brand or the brand has disappointed them. I really think consumer behavior relies heavily on their trust on brands and their past experience as well. If Chevrolet has always provided safe automobiles for the family for a long time, they will continue to buy Chevrolet maybe because they feel the most comfortable with and trust. I think this commerical really brought out the consumer behavior of Americans and this strategy definitely leaves a strong emotional impact on people who has always driven Chevrolet. This company is a national car brand, therefore, it is good that this company continues to satisfy the needs of Americans since 1900s. I strongly support Chevrolet and their ability to have some sense of nationality because Americans has always been an eclectic in terms of ethnicity, and you could never define an American by a specific ethnicity and characteristics. However, you could define American’s patriotism and mindset through the choices they make, for example, specific cars they trust. This commerical really gave me alot of thought into the idea of consumer behavior and how to really capture the complex minds of consumer behavior.

video:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-73uXPsuw4


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