The difference between “want” and “need”

Shopping is really dangerous when you don’t know the fine line between what you want and what you need. I know that a lot of people stresses over the idea of shopping and how it could unconsciously become a waste of money when you start purchasing things without using your mind. When I go into the supermarket or to the mall, I always make sure that I know exactly what I need to buy and have a mindset on how much money I should spend. Maybe a lot of people don’t have this sort of behavior when shopping, but I do so to prevent wasting money on something that I will regret later on. Everybody has different behaviors and mindsets, and in this post I will express my personal behavior as a consumer.

I really think the worst that I could ever do is regret on something that I purchased and really, to be honest, it will always be the consumers fault and not the stores. It truly depends on the consumers mindset and what they are thinking about when buying a product. If I don’t have a mindset and went shopping at Walmart, I would be able to purchase tons of cookies, chips, drinks, and spend an extra $50 on simply junk. Unnecessary things are bought if we are not smart with our money. One thing that i keep in mind is asking myself the same question over and over again, and that is, “do I really need it?”

It is a simple question and it does sound rather useless but it really changes the amount of money you spend. Before, I would just buy whatever food or things that I want, wasting a lot of money on unnecessary items. One unique thing about the supermarket or mall is that when you see the items, it sparks the consumer’s mind in a way that convinces them in those few seconds they lay eyes on it. Those decisions are usually wrong and should not be bought into. A lot of times I may not think about buying a box of oreos for example when going to walmart, however, when I see it, I suddenly have the urge to buy it. That feeling is the typical urge that consumers have when shopping, and I could say that is a common consumer behavior to buy that box of oreos. However, now that I actually realized this behavior of mine, I am here to express my observations. One thing I think really helps is asking yourself when looking at food in the supermarket, “do you want this or do you need this?” I want a box of oreos but I do not need it. That fine line between “want” and “need” can really save you some money in Walmart now, but these little money saved on unnecessary items could really save you a lot of money in the long run. Consumer behavior is different for everybody but this behavior of mine is a lesson to me and might possibly a lesson that could benefit others as well.



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