sales, sales, sales

Sales are one of the best things that could happen to consumers when they walk into a store. They find out that the shirt or scarf that they wanted to buy is actually on sale, and they bought it and feel as if they have benefitted from it. Sales is the ultimate word the automatically engages the consumers to take a look at your products and reconsider them at a more acceptable price. Sales is the word that consumers feel drawn to when walking by the store window. Sales is the ultimate trick that retail stores put to catch the consumers attention, and this trick works every time.

I’ve walked past Macy’s once with my friend who happens to be a shopaholic girl, and I observed her behavior as I watch her shop. She is easily drawn towards the big red signs that says “sale” and goes on a ballistic search for clothes. She doesn’t realize when she is shopping is that sales are usually clothes that need to be cleaned out from the rack, so then new and updated clothes could be put on to the shelf. If she really did purchase something that she liked within the sale, then it is her gain. However, if she purchase something mainly because it is a  discounted price, then that would be an unnecessary purchase. I know how easy people get excited when they see  a sale and I really think that the word “sale” has been used as a trick by retail store. When I use the word “trick”, i mean more as a “strategy,” but in the consumer’s opinion, it really is a way to catch us on our weakness.

Macy’s has been known for sales and they always have sales going on no matter the season or holiday. However, they always have a specific period where they would have “additional 20%, 35%, or even 40% off or second item 20%.” This additional sale definitely becomes the ultimate driving force to people to purchase the item, or even another one. Consumers always feel as though they are benefiting from this sale because they are paying for a cheaper price but it shouldn’t become the reason why you purchase something. I think retail stores really take advantage of this consumer behavior as a marketing strategy and consumers are still helplessly drawn to them. Macy’s is known for their sales and Macy’s is a well-known retailer now because people do like the sales  that they give. Macy’s sales or any other sales all try to find ways to let consumers buy another one or buy more because it is profit for them in the end. I just want to emphasize the amount of impact the word “sale” could have on consumers and these simple “additional sales” could really immediate attract consumers. As a result, marketing strategies have improved since consumer behavior is constantly changing, however, people never stop being drawn to the big red sale signs.



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