Personalization, the next generation of consumer behavior

One thing very interesting today that sparked my mind was when i went into subway. Subway is a fast-food that serves submarine sandwiches where people can choose what they want to eat. Instead of eating a sandwich where you don’t want the pickles or the red bell peppers, you have the choice to personalize your food. Subway is one of the most famous sandwich stores mainly because this fast-food focuses on the consumer’s mind. Other food stores that have this same idea of “having it your own way” could be also seen in frozen yogurt stores such as Red Mango, Pink Berry etc. You never have to pay for something you don’t want to eat. This idea of personalization is also seem throughout other stores and products , revealing a new grown consumer behavior trend that is arousing.

There are numerous websites or stores that are starting this trend of personalization such as Nike ID, Adidas, Converse etc. However, I will be talking about the website called Colorware, a company that specializes in altering the colors of existing products. Products that you could send in to change its colors include your macbook, iPhones, iPods, androids, headphones, cameras, etc. You could choose to paint different colors of your product with whichever color you want and the finishes. This concept of personalization not only shows the upcoming trends of consumer behavior but also the growing number of people who want to be different from the typical mass produced products. Mass produced products such as iPhones, iPods, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are purchased by people but how can we express our individuality through a product where everyone has the same one? Similar to the iPhone cases situation, people want to show their individuality through their unique iPhone cases, but underneath that case, is still the same product. Colorware is a company that allows people to actually customize their iPhones and change their color so it is no longer a mass-produced product, but instead, personalized in your very own style.

I really admire Colorware and what the company is trying to do mainly because they really took into consideration what the consumers want. Colorware is not really a store that sells any products, but instead, it focuses on improving existing products and making this process as a business. It is very smart because there the company is profiting through the consumer’s choice, knowing what they want to order and make the product that they want. The company does not loose any money from buying inventory that becomes a loss in their profit. The company is also very smart because they know what the consumer’s want and they know that the consumer’s are willing to pay a lot of money for these personalizations. Consumers today expects more than just mass-produced products. They want specialized, personalized colors or designs that make them seem different. It is all about being unique now. How can we be unique when being in a society that promotes conformity? iPhones for example, have no designs on it at all mainly because it then becomes a product that appeals to all. If the iPhone is designed in a specific style, it will then not be a mass-produced product because then it won’t appeal to some people. I think that there are very interesting new trends that are starting  to go about in the consumer behavior today because the society and people continues to evolve. People continue to expect more and want “new innovations” and the consumer behavior will continue to change as time pass. 



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