Target or Walmart?

Today, I had to go to Target to get a specific type of curry paste that I purchased a while back and I needed the brand but that brand could only be bought in Target. I realized that Target and Walmart are two very different superstore that has two very different branding and environment. Though Target is a store that is priced a little more expensive than Walmart, however I do believe that Target is a better superstore. Target is a bit far from campus so it makes it difficult for students that cannot commute that far to purchase the products there, however, Target really is a better choice from a consumer point of view. Today I looked around in Target and realized a lot of things that I have never realized when I go in to the store to buy things. When you walk into Target, you automatically feel more cozy not because of the lower ceiling, but instead, the warm lighting that Target uses. Walmart uses white light as the main lighting, so the ambience of the surrounding is definitely not as cozy but instead, more harsh.

Definitely when people go to Walmart is to purchase grocery, either because it is close in terms of distance but also because the cheap prices that Walmart provides consumers with. However, the experience that people have with Target is an experience that is soothing and familiar. It gives people a sense of familiarity when you shop around the store because everything about the store is nice and clean. The products that Target sells is better than Walmart in terms of quality because Target carefully selects and chooses the products they sell to guarantee their customers of their quality. I always emphasize the importance of quality because quality enhances the lifestyles of people. If people eat food with better quality, it doesn’t ensure their health, but it definitely is a better possibility of better health compared to eating something that is not of good quality. Same with products as well, a more expensive notebook is guaranteed to be more long-lasting than a notebook that is only 25 cents. This type of quality concern is definitely a new consumer insight and behavior because consumers are starting to care more and more about the quality of their products.

Target has one very interesting thing is that they carry designer clothes. The clothing brand that they carry actually are good quality clothes compared to the clothes at Walmart. Jason Wu, a famous designer today that designed for Michelle Obama’s clothing also designed for Target. This type of collaboration shows that Target is very well-known superstore that even well-known designers are willing to design for. As a result, you could see that Target is gaining its credibility as a superstore that is more reliable. People would think that buying clothes from a superstore like Walmart is very weird, but I actually think that Target is pretty good for its clothing section.

One of the main things about Target that really makes me rather choose it compared to Walmart would definitely be its food section. All the fresh food that they sell are very fresh, especially with the water sprayer system that they have makes the consumers know that their food comes from a very sanitized place. The fruits and vegetables are all in good shape, the fruits aren’t scratched or scarred and vegetables are all green and crisp. I love shopping in Target because when you look at their products, you would really trust the store. I also really like the Target brand that it carries, though it is a Target brand i feel like it is reliable compared to the Walmart brand, great value. As a result, these impressions derive from the feeling and the experience that the store gives us. The Target brand has different types of food products, like pasta or sauce, and they all seem just as good in quality as the other brands that we already know.

The customer service there is also another factor that adds on to the trust that people gain from Target. The people that help you at the counter are definitely more patient and friendly compared to those working at Walmart. As a result, though shopping at Target is more expensive and far in distance, however this experience is definitely worth it in the end.



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