We Can Be Eco and Cool At the Same Time

There are numerous types of iphone cases out in the market right now. I’ve been looking wanting to buy a unique iphone case that stands out from others and I’ve came to the conclusion that it’s really difficult to have a iphone case that is very different. There are so many types of iphone cases that varies from hard, soft cases and bumpers. Materials are limited to plastic, silicon and aluminum. One of the main things about iphone cases that is truly interesting is that sometimes people use their iphone cases to represent their identity. I should not assume that people should judge others by their iphone cases, but iphone cases are definitely a way for people to let other people notice them and their qualities. Iphone is a product that is used by most of the consumers today, however, a product that is so mass-produced can be personalized only through the iphone cases. As a result, by looking at what kind of iphone cases, we can somewhat see what the person likes and what the person wants others to see. It is an indirect form of revealing our unique identities, but at the same time, within the society, under the same rules.

I was googling all different types of iphone cases that makes me very indecisive, however, I came across something definitely different. On Amazon, there is a iphone case called Re-Case. It is a 100% iphone case made from trash by a company called Miniwiz, located in Taiwan. What is interesting is that it is an iphone case that is made from our very own trash. As a Taiwanese as well, I am surprised at the product and the use of trash, becoming an iphone case. The material of the “trash” is composed of rice husks and PET plastic from plastics. The article I read about this iphone case and this company is that it specializes in green technology. The company intended on making products for peoples’ everyday use by eliminating the trash that they consume. Taiwanese people has the most PET plastic from bottles because Taiwanese people like to drink soft drinks of all sorts and the bottles becomes a major waste of the country. At the same time, Chinese people eat rice as their main food, therefore, these rice husks, which are the shells of the rice, becomes a major waste as well. This company, Miniwiz, combined these two main wastes of Taiwan and created a material that could be made into a product! It is quite extraoridnary that this company recycles these waste by looking at the environment and create a product  from it.

This iphone case is definitely unique from others because of the material that it is made from. There isn’t an iphone case other than this one on the market that is made from trash! I can truly be unique now. Material has always been differentiation in product quality, and though this is made from trash, it is marketed not as a cheap material, but instead, rare material. The rice husks can be seen on the iphone case, making the material even more realistic. People that see the iphone case will truly believe that the iphone case is made from a material that should have been wasted. Green design definitely a good direction for the future of product design I believe. I think consumers will purchase this iphone case because this becomes a unique product that people could show their friends and spread the word of green design. Consumers though will at first see this case and think it is just a normal case, however, knowing that it is made from rice husks and PET plastic, their impression changes. One of the main things of being unique with iphone cases is that with this case, I exert my identity as a person who is aware of green. Green design does not mean that designs are less valuable than those that aren’t. I really have a different impression on green design because eco-friendly designs can also look good.

The packaging of the iphone case is of cardboard. Cardboard packaging usually gives people the impression that it is cheap, however, this cardboard packaging doesn’t look inexpensive. The cardboard packaging is designed in a unique way that makes this entire packaging and product not a typical green product. I really think consumer behaviour could be changed when we eliminate those old impressions we have, such as with green design. 


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