Allsaints Spitalfields: The Next Generation of Style

There is a new store that opened on Michigan Avenue the other day that caught my attention. The store is called Allsaints Spitalfields, a British brand that exerts an extremely unique style that resembles somewhat of the industrial and vintage. The store is extremely tall with high ceilings and metal structure as its exterior.The entire store has a unified theme of industrialized style that is inspired by railroads and train stations. It has cast-iron artifacts within the store as decoration, making the interior look industrial. The exterior has industrial machines that show through the windows like sewing machines and printing press etc. Interior, it has various artifacts that all have the same feel to it. Even the clothing hangers are designed in a fashion that fits the style. The tables look vintage and worn-out while the walls are scratched in a certain fashion.The music, projection of their models all exerts the same assertiveness and consistency of the store style. The people who assists you inside are also dressed with their clothes, making the entire store hollistically unique.

Everything from the exterior design to interior are unified by this theme of industrial look, making this store as whole a very unique one. When walking into the store, you feel very conscious of the assertiveness of the style that this store carries and the clothes that they sell. I think that the style of the store enhances the consumer’s impression of the quality and style of their clothing. I admire this return of a machine design and style because there are too many clothing brands that has clothes that look elegant but lack in boldness. This style stands out from all the other brands because of its boldness in designs of their clothes and store. As a whole, the entire store has a strong energy of assertiveness that will make consumers feel curious about this brand. I think this store is very sucessful in marketing their brand to consumers because it definitely caught the attention of consumers within a blink of their store. Everybody walking across their store will notice the difference between this store and the store next to it. Allsaints Spitalfields designers spent a lot of thought and consideration into making the store very “designed” throughout therefore definitely a lot of money has been spent on designing the store. I bet the store invested a lot of money on its design and branding as a way to attract consumers at all levels, and I believe that their goal was successful. People definitely know this brand though it has only been in Chicago for a few months. It definitely stuck on consumers minds as a curious brand that is simply different.

The machine industrialized-style that Allsaints Spitalfields have as their clothes though are all unique, however, they are expensive. Its price range is marked as more of a high-end brand but an affordable luxury brand. A t-shirt would cost up to $60 while dresses would cost up to $400. The prices are expensive for typical students, however, I think that the store has the ability to mark their clothes up really high. The amount of money spent on designing the store and its style garantees to the consumers that this brand will ensure quality from their store, to their clothes. Only a few t-shirts are on the rack, as if the clothes are limited to a few. This type of marketing is a technique that makes consumers that purchase the clothes feel as though these clothing are not mass-produced, instead, personalized. This feeling definitely enhances the consumers chance of buying this unique clothing. The clothing all has a specific style that has a darker shade of color with somewhat a vintage look. Walking outside wearing their clothes is a way to advertise for their brand as well because only their store carries that type of clothing style. I really admire how the marketing and branding department of Allsaints are successful because this store really is a different approach to fashion, retail management and consumer behaviour.

Exterior of store in Chicago



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