A better way to shop!

We all have our desires and needs, and one of our big desire would be shopping, to fulfill our leisure aspirations. What is the most important thing for a consumer? To get what they want at the lowest prices. Online shopping has become overly popular throughout the years, a huge group of consumers purchase their goods online, and now the web has pushed online shopping to the next level.

Recently, I have been trying to find a present for my friend’s upcoming birthday, and I’ve came to a surprised search, that is there are a numerous discounted websites that provide well-known and luxury brand goods at a lower price. There are websites such as: Gilt, Beyondtherack, Ruelala, Hautelook and etc. These are all websites that provide consumer with daily deals that can help them purchase what they want at a lower price. In order to shop on those websites, you need to become members of those sites, but there are no membership fees, so what is a better way to shop for consumers when they can save?

These websites has made me realize that this company that creates this type of shopping for consumers is a great way for a revolutionary shopping behavior. When consumers think of purchasing products, they all have a price range in mind that affects the way they shop. A price range in mind will definitely affect the brands they search and the websites they go to to look for these products. As a result, the website that I recently discovered ( like the one below) is an example of a website that allows consumers to purchase a product with a brand that is out of their range but within their price range. These websites have different sales everyday, making sure more and more people look at different brands and products. One of the benefits of these websites is that it gives people the opportunity to wear, use, purchase products with better quality. Though they might be off-season, but this website gives ordinary people the experience to buy good products with well-known brands that ensures good quality. One of the main things about purchasing clothes, bags, etc is that quality matters a lot. However, quality could only be attained through expensive brands and not the ordinary brands. As a result, this website gives consumers not only the opportunity to be in contact with affordable brand name products, but also gives the brands the ability to spread its brand name to more people.

This website acts also as an advertisement for brands as well. One of the main things I realized as well is that each shopping website or store as a specific impression or feel to consumers. Let’s say forever 21, it is an affordable teenager store where girls like to buy hip dresses that lasts only for the season. We would expect their clothes to be within the price range of $10-30 at most. The feeling when you walk into Saks Fifth Avenue is entirely different. Saks Fifth Avenue gives you a feeling of high-end brand name store with garanteed good quality clothes and extremely nice customer service. This feeling could also be felt for online shopping as well. The website, GILT, gives me the feeling of quality, high-end brand names and this is definitely the credibility of the store. The fact that consumers feel like they can trust the website ensuring them all the products they buy are of good quality, no matter the brand, they will purchase it. For example, a lot of the brands on that website i’ve never heard of, however, I feel like the products will be just as good quality as I expected.

I really think that these types of revolutionary websites are a new form of shopping that could give consumers a different experience. Definitely, a great way for more brands to reach more people. I think if more people could be in contact with better brands and better quality products, it would change the thinking of consumers as well. My parents has always told me that quality surmounts quantity. We might as well buy a sweater that costs a lot of money and lasts for a lifetime.




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