We Can Be Eco and Cool At the Same Time

There are numerous types of iphone cases out in the market right now. I’ve been looking wanting to buy a unique iphone case that stands out from others and I’ve came to the conclusion that it’s really difficult to have a iphone case that is very different. There are so many types of iphone cases that varies from hard, soft cases and bumpers. Materials are limited to plastic, silicon and aluminum. One of the main things about iphone cases that is truly interesting is that sometimes people use their iphone cases to represent their identity. I should not assume that people should judge others by their iphone cases, but iphone cases are definitely a way for people to let other people notice them and their qualities. Iphone is a product that is used by most of the consumers today, however, a product that is so mass-produced can be personalized only through the iphone cases. As a result, by looking at what kind of iphone cases, we can somewhat see what the person likes and what the person wants others to see. It is an indirect form of revealing our unique identities, but at the same time, within the society, under the same rules.

I was googling all different types of iphone cases that makes me very indecisive, however, I came across something definitely different. On Amazon, there is a iphone case called Re-Case. It is a 100% iphone case made from trash by a company called Miniwiz, located in Taiwan. What is interesting is that it is an iphone case that is made from our very own trash. As a Taiwanese as well, I am surprised at the product and the use of trash, becoming an iphone case. The material of the “trash” is composed of rice husks and PET plastic from plastics. The article I read about this iphone case and this company is that it specializes in green technology. The company intended on making products for peoples’ everyday use by eliminating the trash that they consume. Taiwanese people has the most PET plastic from bottles because Taiwanese people like to drink soft drinks of all sorts and the bottles becomes a major waste of the country. At the same time, Chinese people eat rice as their main food, therefore, these rice husks, which are the shells of the rice, becomes a major waste as well. This company, Miniwiz, combined these two main wastes of Taiwan and created a material that could be made into a product! It is quite extraoridnary that this company recycles these waste by looking at the environment and create a product  from it.

This iphone case is definitely unique from others because of the material that it is made from. There isn’t an iphone case other than this one on the market that is made from trash! I can truly be unique now. Material has always been differentiation in product quality, and though this is made from trash, it is marketed not as a cheap material, but instead, rare material. The rice husks can be seen on the iphone case, making the material even more realistic. People that see the iphone case will truly believe that the iphone case is made from a material that should have been wasted. Green design definitely a good direction for the future of product design I believe. I think consumers will purchase this iphone case because this becomes a unique product that people could show their friends and spread the word of green design. Consumers though will at first see this case and think it is just a normal case, however, knowing that it is made from rice husks and PET plastic, their impression changes. One of the main things of being unique with iphone cases is that with this case, I exert my identity as a person who is aware of green. Green design does not mean that designs are less valuable than those that aren’t. I really have a different impression on green design because eco-friendly designs can also look good.

The packaging of the iphone case is of cardboard. Cardboard packaging usually gives people the impression that it is cheap, however, this cardboard packaging doesn’t look inexpensive. The cardboard packaging is designed in a unique way that makes this entire packaging and product not a typical green product. I really think consumer behaviour could be changed when we eliminate those old impressions we have, such as with green design. 


Allsaints Spitalfields: The Next Generation of Style

There is a new store that opened on Michigan Avenue the other day that caught my attention. The store is called Allsaints Spitalfields, a British brand that exerts an extremely unique style that resembles somewhat of the industrial and vintage. The store is extremely tall with high ceilings and metal structure as its exterior.The entire store has a unified theme of industrialized style that is inspired by railroads and train stations. It has cast-iron artifacts within the store as decoration, making the interior look industrial. The exterior has industrial machines that show through the windows like sewing machines and printing press etc. Interior, it has various artifacts that all have the same feel to it. Even the clothing hangers are designed in a fashion that fits the style. The tables look vintage and worn-out while the walls are scratched in a certain fashion.The music, projection of their models all exerts the same assertiveness and consistency of the store style. The people who assists you inside are also dressed with their clothes, making the entire store hollistically unique.

Everything from the exterior design to interior are unified by this theme of industrial look, making this store as whole a very unique one. When walking into the store, you feel very conscious of the assertiveness of the style that this store carries and the clothes that they sell. I think that the style of the store enhances the consumer’s impression of the quality and style of their clothing. I admire this return of a machine design and style because there are too many clothing brands that has clothes that look elegant but lack in boldness. This style stands out from all the other brands because of its boldness in designs of their clothes and store. As a whole, the entire store has a strong energy of assertiveness that will make consumers feel curious about this brand. I think this store is very sucessful in marketing their brand to consumers because it definitely caught the attention of consumers within a blink of their store. Everybody walking across their store will notice the difference between this store and the store next to it. Allsaints Spitalfields designers spent a lot of thought and consideration into making the store very “designed” throughout therefore definitely a lot of money has been spent on designing the store. I bet the store invested a lot of money on its design and branding as a way to attract consumers at all levels, and I believe that their goal was successful. People definitely know this brand though it has only been in Chicago for a few months. It definitely stuck on consumers minds as a curious brand that is simply different.

The machine industrialized-style that Allsaints Spitalfields have as their clothes though are all unique, however, they are expensive. Its price range is marked as more of a high-end brand but an affordable luxury brand. A t-shirt would cost up to $60 while dresses would cost up to $400. The prices are expensive for typical students, however, I think that the store has the ability to mark their clothes up really high. The amount of money spent on designing the store and its style garantees to the consumers that this brand will ensure quality from their store, to their clothes. Only a few t-shirts are on the rack, as if the clothes are limited to a few. This type of marketing is a technique that makes consumers that purchase the clothes feel as though these clothing are not mass-produced, instead, personalized. This feeling definitely enhances the consumers chance of buying this unique clothing. The clothing all has a specific style that has a darker shade of color with somewhat a vintage look. Walking outside wearing their clothes is a way to advertise for their brand as well because only their store carries that type of clothing style. I really admire how the marketing and branding department of Allsaints are successful because this store really is a different approach to fashion, retail management and consumer behaviour.

Exterior of store in Chicago


A better way to shop!

We all have our desires and needs, and one of our big desire would be shopping, to fulfill our leisure aspirations. What is the most important thing for a consumer? To get what they want at the lowest prices. Online shopping has become overly popular throughout the years, a huge group of consumers purchase their goods online, and now the web has pushed online shopping to the next level.

Recently, I have been trying to find a present for my friend’s upcoming birthday, and I’ve came to a surprised search, that is there are a numerous discounted websites that provide well-known and luxury brand goods at a lower price. There are websites such as: Gilt, Beyondtherack, Ruelala, Hautelook and etc. These are all websites that provide consumer with daily deals that can help them purchase what they want at a lower price. In order to shop on those websites, you need to become members of those sites, but there are no membership fees, so what is a better way to shop for consumers when they can save?

These websites has made me realize that this company that creates this type of shopping for consumers is a great way for a revolutionary shopping behavior. When consumers think of purchasing products, they all have a price range in mind that affects the way they shop. A price range in mind will definitely affect the brands they search and the websites they go to to look for these products. As a result, the website that I recently discovered ( like the one below) is an example of a website that allows consumers to purchase a product with a brand that is out of their range but within their price range. These websites have different sales everyday, making sure more and more people look at different brands and products. One of the benefits of these websites is that it gives people the opportunity to wear, use, purchase products with better quality. Though they might be off-season, but this website gives ordinary people the experience to buy good products with well-known brands that ensures good quality. One of the main things about purchasing clothes, bags, etc is that quality matters a lot. However, quality could only be attained through expensive brands and not the ordinary brands. As a result, this website gives consumers not only the opportunity to be in contact with affordable brand name products, but also gives the brands the ability to spread its brand name to more people.

This website acts also as an advertisement for brands as well. One of the main things I realized as well is that each shopping website or store as a specific impression or feel to consumers. Let’s say forever 21, it is an affordable teenager store where girls like to buy hip dresses that lasts only for the season. We would expect their clothes to be within the price range of $10-30 at most. The feeling when you walk into Saks Fifth Avenue is entirely different. Saks Fifth Avenue gives you a feeling of high-end brand name store with garanteed good quality clothes and extremely nice customer service. This feeling could also be felt for online shopping as well. The website, GILT, gives me the feeling of quality, high-end brand names and this is definitely the credibility of the store. The fact that consumers feel like they can trust the website ensuring them all the products they buy are of good quality, no matter the brand, they will purchase it. For example, a lot of the brands on that website i’ve never heard of, however, I feel like the products will be just as good quality as I expected.

I really think that these types of revolutionary websites are a new form of shopping that could give consumers a different experience. Definitely, a great way for more brands to reach more people. I think if more people could be in contact with better brands and better quality products, it would change the thinking of consumers as well. My parents has always told me that quality surmounts quantity. We might as well buy a sweater that costs a lot of money and lasts for a lifetime.